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New Park-and-Ride Lot Open near IH 30 in Arlington

A new park-and-ride has opened for you, co-workers, family, and friends in Arlington, TX on E. Copeland Road at AT&T Way. The lot is a partnership between the Texas Rangers and North Central Texas Council of Governments. The facility consists of a designated 100 parking spaces for commuters in the Rangers existing Lot G and offers direct access to the IH 30 HOV/managed lane as well as easy access to eastbound and westbound IH 30. Utilize the park-and-ride from 6:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday for your work commute and other carpooling needs. Log onto Try Parking It today to find rideshare matches and make use of the new lot along with other available facilities nearest to you.

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The Dallas-Fort Worth region is the fourth largest metropolitan region in the nation with almost 6.5 million residents. Rapid population growth in the past decade has led to increasing transportation problems here in the region. The construction of additional roadway lanes has not kept pace with this population growth. As a result, traffic congestion has become a major concern for regional travelers; and with increased traffic congestion comes air quality concerns.

One way for commuters to help improve traffic congestion and air quality in the region is to reduce the number of vehicles that travel on our roadways by using alternatives to driving alone to work. Alternative commute options include carpooling, vanpooling, transit, walking, telecommuting, etc.

Try Parking It is a two-part solution for reducing the number of vehicles on the road and for tracking the savings that result from those vehicle reductions. By using Try Parking It, you can locate carpool or vanpool matches within the North Central Texas region. You can also track your contributions to clean air and congestion reduction and receive an estimate of miles saved, trips reduced and harmful emissions reduced, each time you submit your alternative commute. So...

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